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I Felt Like Destroying Something Beautiful

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February 18th, 2009

08:51 pm - Wisdom and Nitrous
 I am getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out in the morning. 

The dentist seems pretty sweet- it's in an artsy town called Salida and they were playing the Grateful Dead when I had my consultation. 

I am hoping that they'll let me have ear buds in so I can listen to Simon and Garfunkel on my i-pod. 

Simon and Grafunkel are touring again!!!!!! 

And Blink 182 is back together. 

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February 13th, 2009

05:43 pm - Photos
 How do you post them??

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February 5th, 2009

12:25 am - Oh
 I totally didn't realize that I never updated since I moved here! 

I am living in Moffat, CO, right outside of Crestone. I am living in the largest alpine valley in the world! It's the size of Conneticut! 

I am living on a 3,000 acre ranch by the name of Cho Ku Rei which means "All Goodness" in Reiki. 

I am surround by the mountains on 3 sides.

There are 27 artesian springs here, 15 yaks, 34 chickens, 4 roosters, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a geothermal greenhouse, 2 quads, and more! 

Crestone is said to be a spiritual mecca and there are multiple spiritual centers on the mountain.

There is a UFO watchtower down the road (UFOs are said to frequent here because it's one of the largest valleys).

The town is small. Population 90 or something. 

I am studying transcendentalism and poetry and relating the transcendental movement to life today. Harold is studying Tibetan Buddhism. 

Sage is here with us, but I had to leave my baby rats (which probably aren't babies anymore) with Zane in Oly because Ashley, my brother's girlfriend would not allow them to come here. My brother, Sean, lives here with Ashley, and their one month old Timothy Reilly! 

It's beautiful here and really a change of pace. I love being able to collect my own drinking water, which come from a warm artesian spring off of the mountain, instead of just turning on the faucet. It's empowering. 

I like being able to wear pajamas all the time and my glasses (you cannot wear contacts here since it is so dry, because they're likely to break in your eyes, because I know I am not likely to see many people in a day. It's pretty drama free. I definitely like that. 

Oh yeah. I tried out my diva cup for the first time finally and am going to wait until next month to try it again...I got it in fine, but didn't have the directions with me when I took it out and frankly, it hurt like a bitch. I was too stressed out t deal with it, but really want to make it work. Oh well. 

Oh. And I forgot to say that Harold totally cut nerves in his finger and had to go to the ER. DAMN YOU CUTCO! He was slicing a pre-sliced, but stale bagel. Blood was everywhere. I was freaking. He was staying calm. He was hospitalized, we didnt realize how bad it was, he was put in the trauma ward! Given Vicoden and Morphine! They wouldn't let me stay with him, which was sad. But he's a lot better now. He even went snowboarding today!! 

Oh and Harold is considering transferring to Naropa or Bastyr to study Acupuncture. It's a little on down the road. 

Oh I designed my own Nietzsche Tee-Shirt from a website based out of Columbus and it is awesome! 

Oh yeah. I am trying to become an au pair in another country. We'll see how that goes. 


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February 4th, 2009

11:55 pm - Pugs, Christians on Slavery and GLBT rights, Photos, a Job, the Co-Op, and Waiting for Guffman
 So this past week has been pretty tough. Cosmo, the pug of the house, started having seizures. Really intense ones (I guess seizures would be intense). He started foaming at the mouth and then loosing full control of his body, shaking like crazy, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Sometimes he'd get stiff neck. Many times he was on a chair and so we'd have to hold him through the seizure, so that he didn't fall off. When the seizure ended, he get really confused and super energized. He'd run into stuff, walking unbalanced, and walk in circles and wouldn't stop for anything. This was happening every 4 hours. And then every 2. It was horrible. I was an emotional wreck. It was so hard to see him go through it. Harold and I were the ones who had to watch him 24/7. Harold slept with him downstairs. He went to the vet and got bloodwork down and it all came back as though he was perfectly healthy. He got meds, but had 2 more after his first dose. I would cry in hysterics every hour or so. I did a lot of internet research and it turns out there is a disease, PDE, that is only in pugs and is an inflammation of the brain. You can only discover it with a MRI or Spinal Tap (like $1000) and there is no cure, it is always fatal. Cosmo has all the symptoms, but luckily the meds started working finally. They make him super lethargic and I know he'll never be the same again. He is super jittery now and you can't pet him suddenly without scaring the shit out of him, he whines a lot more now, is more unbalanced, and has seperation anxiety. But it's a lot better than seeing him go through what he was going through. It took a toll on me and now I am behind in my studies. 

Right now I am writing a paper on Fredric Douglass and how Christians have used the Bible as justification for slavery in American in the 1800's and how they use the Bible for prejudice against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered people today. Although I have started the paper, I find myself on unsteady ground, because I know I have to be careful about what I say and how I say it. I am hoping Zoe can help me out a little since her dad, a Presbyterian Minister, did his dissertation on something similar. When it comes down to it, I just need to stop playing on the internet and get to my studies. 
Was Jesus circumcised? Just wondering. 

Would someone like to tell me how to upload photographs on here?? That would be much appreciated. 

I am in the middle of looking for a house to rent in Oly for March or April. Harold and I are planning to move in with Zane, which I am super excited about. But it's a bit hard finding housing, when I am not there, so I cannot go and view the places or meet the landlords. Thank goodness Zane is awesome with people and in town! 

I really need a job when I get back. I don't know how I've made my money stretch this long!! I haven;t had a job since last August, before I went to Burning Man (well that's a lie, I worked for my mom at some festivals and babysat for the Heywoods in Columbus, which was helpful). I am completely running out and I really want to travel out of the country, not to mention pay rent and whatnot, so I need a job asap. 
I also want to volunteer at the OLY food Co-Op. I totally miss it, that place is awesome! 

Crestone is still amazing and I love it here. I want to get more involved with the community and get out of the house to study. It's so small there aren't a lot of options, and I never seem to wake up before 12, so the options get fewer and fewer as morning passes. 

We still haven't hung up all our art, which makes me sort-of sad, since we brought so much stuff, but there's so much to do here between the yaks, chickens, painting, taking down wallpaper, the house pets, helping with little G (my new nephew), studies, and, of course, sleep! 

I watched "Waiting for Guffman" the other night. I cannot believe I haven't seen that movie before! Hilarious!! 
Current Location: Moffat, Colorado. Upstairs at the Cho Ku Rei Ranch
Current Mood: I should do my work!
Current Music: CocoRosie, K-Hole

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November 16th, 2008

04:33 pm - It Snowed A Bit Today!
 So right now I am living in Ohio with Harold. 

It's definitely a good break (We both deferred for the quarter)-
free rent....we worked for my mom at two festivals, worked for an outsourcing company for Abercrombie and Fitch and Holliser etc for a week (haven't been paid yet though and do not know what the pay will be like), I've been babysitting, and Harold bartends for my mom when there's big events going on at the Hey Hey. So we've been making a little bit of money here and there...

The Hey Hey, my parent's bar, just won Best Bartender in Columbus!!! From Columbus Alive (one of the alternative newspapers)!  Pat, the bartender who won, won $1,000 and they are throwing a party at the Hey Hey on Thursday! 

I miss lots of things about Olympia....the few good friends I had- especially Zane and Alice who Harold and I just recently really started hanging out with, my baby rats!!! I miss Joplin and Gracie sooooooo much!!! They are so cute and do not live very long and I cannot believe that I am missing out on such a huge chunk of their lives! I miss the Co-Op and I know Harold misses it more, I miss the rainforest, I miss the laid-back, alternative lifestyles of the West Coast...And I do wish I was getting credit for Evergreen just so I could be that much closer to graduation! 

I have been contacted a lot for modeling (something I only recently picked up)(http://www.modelmayhem.com/pics.php?id=744407) here and am excited about that. I was supposed to work with this lady, Anne,  today who's photography is absolutely amazing, but she has not called yet.... (http://www.modelmayhem.com/699082

I also started taking stone-carving lessons at the Cultural Art Center...stone carving is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! Walt is a good friend of mine and the families...he actually works at the Hey Hey and is our stone-carving instructor. His artwork is amazing (http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=419604155&albumId=671440)(I dont feel like those even do him justice) I definitely found more respect for the art. 
 I am excited that between modeling and stone carving, I am getting to exercise my creativity in new ways and it feels good that I am simply doing it for myself and not for credit or anything else... 

I am working on my contract for next quarter- transcendentalism and poetry. I hope to the beard of Zeus that I find a sponsor! I E-mailed Kate Crowe today with a heads up, so hopefully she'll be into it...

I am excited to see the landscape of Colorado and meet my new nephew (they are thinking Dylan Patrick for the name...although I like Dylan a lot, I am still in favor for Vincent Van Gall!) and, of course, the Yaks! 

Sage is still biting her hair off of her fur...I have been giving her cooked off rescue remedy in her water in hopes of it helping, but may need to look into finding a cat whisperer or some bitter stuff to spray on her tummy and legs....

I totally need to start doing Youtube blogs! I was going to do it for credit in Colorado, but since I did not get sponsored, it kind-of came to a halt- but I shall get some up sometime around. I have been working on editing photos and getting those up mostly...I take at least 100 a month and am still working on summer photographs! yikes! 

Hope everyone is well and I send my best. 

Current Mood: coldcold

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September 14th, 2008

01:44 am - Living In A Studio Apt
Things I Shall Miss Abou Living in this Studio Apt
 I shall miss having my own space.
I shall miss having my own time schedule -without worrying about disturbing somebody else. 
I shall miss being able to clean up after myself and everything is then tidy (not deal with other peoples mess)
That goes for dishes too.  
I like being in control of the utilities (I go around unplugging electrical things and once our electricity bill was $10!)
I like not having cable television. 
I like being able to be naked- everywhere, all the time. 
I like having so much of my own space for putting up artwork and tapestries and whatnot. 
I like that if I am having a bad day, I don't have to see and interact with anyone else. 
I shall miss having a large window sill. 
I shall miss living in downtown Olympia.
I shall miss living right above tasty morsels. 
I shall miss having the frontdoor security system. 

Things I Shall Not Miss About Living in this Studio Apt
I shall not miss such a small space. 
I shall not miss being this close to soooo many people. 
I shall not miss not having a kitchen counter to chop veggies.
I shall not miss living in one, big room. 
I shall not miss that leaking tub. 
I shall not miss having to put the litter-box right in front of the toilet. 
I shall not miss fire alarms at 4 am or even the ones at 1 in the afternoon. 
I shall not miss not having yard or garden space. 
I shall not miss having only one window. 
I shall not miss living in downtown Olympia.
I shall not miss the creepy, cleaning man that opened the door on someone down the hall naked while he was supposed to be vacuuming the hallway.

Current Location: The Elks Building
Current Mood: I don't feel like packing.

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August 3rd, 2008

01:00 am - Chicken
I am back In Oly.

I did not think I was going to miss Olympia (it's easy to have a love/hate relationship with it) but it was pleasantly surprising to be back.
Harold and I traveled to Portland, OR then to Ashland, WI, then to Columbus, OH, then to Syracuse NY, to Peabody MA, back to NY, back to OH,  then to Chicago IL, back to WI and then back home.


Traveling was eventful.

I got to see my sister and nephews. Eli got baptized and I am his (fairy) god-mother now. My father tried to be really serious with me about how this was a big responsibility for me....I've told my father I do not believe in his organized God numerous times in the past, so I just responded that I would not treat my nephew Eli any different than I already treat my neohew Tyler who is much older and not "Saved".... I also talked with my sister and Joe (Eli's father) and they reassured me that they are not forcing religion on my nephew...only making the grandparents happy (ie my father and Joe's mother)

I got to see Brittany. It had been over a year and it was great to see her. It seemed like I had just been hanging out with her the night before. I think that may be an indication to figuring out who your true friends are? Maybe not.
Brittany and P were reunited and P was nice about the whole thing, but Brittany is convinced P doesn't really like her and so she hangs out with Katie mostly I think.

I got to see Patrick and Ty and Charlie in chicago and Pat gave us his new CD It kicks ass and I am really glad to have gotten it. www.myspace.com/readbearperiod
and Ty gave us a letter he had written us and he really opened up to us! Which is great. He is teaching piano lessons to people right now.

I got to go to Comfest and see lots of people I love. Tea. Nicole. Noah. Garth. Julia. Stephanie. Paige. Jesi. Zoe. Etc. I did not get to see Carrie or Sam or Mason or John Also. Must have been a reason. I should make an effort to see them next time for this reason.

I got to hang out with a lot of HArold's old friends which was lovely. It feels good knowing that your boyfriend has good taste in friends. It reflects upon him. Beau was constantly making us delicious food (he is in chef college) Everyone greeted me with open arms.

Harold's mom, who I absolutely adore, let us kill one of her chickens. She has them for fresh eggs and one went menopausal and was pecking at the eggs and the other hens, so she said we could kill the bitch.
I had been wanting to kill a chicken because
1) I eat meat and if I cannot kill an animal, then I feel I shouldn't be eating meat and I feel like many people act like that process does not happen and they could not deal with actually killing something
2) I wanted to have that skill. I think it is important to learn how to live off of the land. Taking it back to real life.
so we killed a chicken and the killing process was horrible. We were holding the chicken down and literally felt it's last breathe. It took Harold and me a minute to let it all sink in - his mom on the other-hand was just like, "I guess you see it differently than I do"
We did everything. We hung it upside down. We pulled it's feathers and skin off. When we cut it open an egg yolk immidiately fell out of it and we found many more eggs stored up ie not the menopausal one! We saved the wings and are currently preserving them to make fans or art out of. It was a pretty little thing. I feel good that I have done this and I still eat meat. and eggs.

Coming back to Oly- I brought my cat, Sage, and I got to pick up my baby rats, Joplin and Gracie. The next day my parents flew into seattle with my neohew Tyler as a surprise. My mom had a broken foot and my dad had gout so bad he couldnt walk so my mom took him to the hospital the 2nd day he was here. they were both on vicadin and my dad didn't make it out of the house too much...but we did go to Mt Rainer. It was beautiful. We went to the Tacoma Glass museum. We went on an underground tour of Seattle. We went to the frye museum. There was this cool artists' work there who made thins out of melted vinyls and crushed up bones. It was crazy. We also gathered lots of sanddollars at a nearby beach. and ate out. lots. delicious! and mama gall made mac and cheese to last us a while. and she gave me a tv and a cuisineart  coffee maker and a 7 person tent.  Thanks!

Now i am in search of a job. I need to seriously think about what I am going to do about Cambridge Court = fuckheads.
I need to make better friends. I need to take some professional pictures. I need to upload photos on facebook. I need to go to the dentist. I need to write letters. Mail cards. Order new contacts.
I need a lot of things.
I need to go to bed.

Sweet Dreams.

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June 19th, 2008

07:57 pm - The Color Blue written by Mr Harold and Miss Maggie
Like the sky,
the ocean,
your eyes-

Janis Joplin sang it

and people feel it

all the time.


The Blues.

Emotion and
clear skies.

Blues: A blanket of smooth sailing.

Blue: a period of loneliness.

But not today.

Today I lay here on the grass
and look up at the vast
of the sky-

Time becomes infinite.

It is a blue world that we live in.

Temporary blue,
with an ocean to remind us

for a moment

we remained in summer's denial,


an orange sun
a splintering fall

into oblivion.

Time and Timelessness collide!

Blue fades
to black
and no one's
to sing about it.

Current Mood: eager

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May 6th, 2008

05:33 pm - Pets
I miss my cat, Sage, so much!

I lived in the dorms last year, so I was not able to bring her out here when I moved.

I talked to my Mama G the other day and she said that Sage is biting her fur off on one paw.
Sage did this a long time ago when I was still in Ohio and I took her to the vet. The vet said that it was either kitty depression or that she was allergic to something- so the vet gave her an allergy shot.
Mama G told me she'd take her to the vet. She also said that if I did not come and get her before July, that she'd bring Sage to me!

Also, Janis Joplin, or Joplin as she is usually called (my rat) is so cute!!
I really want to get her a playmate! Every rat care book I read says that rats are social creatures and so rat owners should always have 2 or more. I just want to be a good mother! I have been messaging and calling lots of people on craigslist to find a female rat!

On another note- I need a job!!!!!!

Any ideas??
Current Location: studio
Current Mood: thankfulthankful

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February 23rd, 2008

04:06 am - I can't get this song out of my head!
Oh, I'm bein' followed by a moonshadow,
moonshadow, moonshadow
Leapin and hoppin on a moonshadow,
moonshadow, moonshadow

And if I ever lose my hands,
lose my plough, lose my land,
Oh if I ever lose my hands,
oh if.... I wont have to work no more.
And if I ever lose my eyes,
if my colours all run dry,
Yes if I ever lose my eyes,
oh if.... I wont have to cry no more.

And if I ever lose my legs,
I wont moan, and I wont beg,
Yes if I ever lose my legs,
oh if.... I wont have to walk no more.
And if I ever lose my mouth,
all my teeth, north and south,
Yes if I ever lose my mouth,
oh if.... I wont have to talk...

Did it take long to find me?
I asked the faithful light.
Did it take long to find me?
and are you gonna stay the night?

---thanks Cat!

Current Location: Harold's Room at 4:09 a.m.
Current Mood: quiet
Current Music: guess

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