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Winter Quarter Independent Contract - I Felt Like Destroying Something Beautiful

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March 7th, 2009

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11:30 pm - Winter Quarter Independent Contract
 I am completely excited for winter quarter to be over, though all my things are due on the 11th, including my self-eval and an overview of what I accomplished. I still have a book to read, an essay to write, 9 poems to write, 3 poetry contests to enter, a self-eval to write, as well as an overview. Surprisingly, I am not freaking out yet. 
I really have enjoyed what I've been studying. I have learned a lot about the transcendentalists and am completely inspired by them. I also learned that forced poetry is crap and that I write poetry better when I am in a group setting (or completely emotional). 
Unfortunately, I don't think my professor has liked one bit of my writing. It really has made me question my intelligence and ability to write a good poem or a solid essay. I was warned that he wouldn't be good with the poetry aspect of my contract, he's a political science professor, but he pretty much told me that I write too much in first person and unless the reader cares about the author, then the poem is essentially not good. He hasn't given me any positive feedback about any of my poetry or my essays. I just hope that, as long as I turn in the things due stated above, he will give me my full 16 credits!
 I haven't lost any credits my entire college career and since I took last quarter off, I am eager to catch back up! I plan on taking summer classes to make up for it, as well as extra 2 credit classes if I can. 
I would like to reflect on winter quarter later, especially living here in Colorado and heading back to Oly. 

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