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 So being back in Olympia is rather refreshing. I'm completely… - I Felt Like Destroying Something Beautiful

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April 10th, 2009

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12:57 pm
 So being back in Olympia is rather refreshing. I'm completely glad that I had a break from it and is the reason why I am happy to have returned.

I still have lots of moving in to do. Harold, Joplin, Gracie, Sage, Zane, and I are all living together on a dead end street somewhat close to the Westside Co-Op. I really like the location, the neighbors (we already know a friend who lives right down the street), and our landlords. We have 3 garden beds that we've slowly been working on, we're allowed to compost here, we have a blackberry bush, and a strawberry bush that needs a lot of loving. Moving in has been a slow process which I hope gets finished fast! Because I really, really need to apply for a job, but I don't want to apply for one until the house is clean and organized, because I know that I'll have no time between school and work to do a huge project like moving in. But I do need a job super soon. Harold and I only have a few more loads until everything is out of the storage unit. Thank goodness. 

My birthday was great. We were at Zane's old house which is Daniel, Mobus, and Green's house taking it easy, watching a show or something, and Harold and I had made creme brulee for everybody. They were putting a candle in my creme brulee and at the stroke of midnight everyone had those popper/streamers in their pockets and set them off at me. It scared the shit out me! And Sage! But it was totally cute. Everyone enjoyed the creme brulee and I think it was Zane's first time ever having it! 
In the morning Harold and Zane suprised me with a $45 gift certificate to Pac Sun so I can get these jeans that I have been eyeing. It was super nice of them! Harold took me to eat at Hearthfire Grill where they have an amazing Ahi Cocktail (the only seafood I eat is raw tuna). Then he took me to get acupuncture for the first time and it was a really interesting experience. I really liked the lady who's place it was and shall definitely go back once I have enough money to do so. Then we picked up Zane and headed for Seattle, or Lynnwood rather. I went to Olympus Women's Spa since you can get in free on your birthday and it was super amazing. It was beautiful and relaxing. I drank a lot of water as from the advice of the acupuncturist and certain infrared room required at least 2 cups of water before entering. Next time I go, I hope a friend will join me. I left there around 10. I had to pee like every 10 minutes there after unfortunately, but I am sure my body was expelling toxins. Zane and Harold and I wanted to grab something for dinner and went to the U District, but everything was closing. So then we settled for Dicks on Capitol Hill. Probably not the best thing to put in my body after a day of expelling toxins, but our options were limited. We were trying to hang around there because Robyn was supposed to be coming from the airport with Onias and Liz and we were all going to meet up. The flight was delayed, so we headed back to Oly. Harold and Zane were determined to get me to drink on my 21st even though I had absolutely no urge to do so. And I didn't because by the time we got to the Royal it was well after midnight. I took one shot with them- nasty, overpriced tequila. And we left back to Zane's old place where we met up with Liz, Onias, and Robyn. Hung out for a bit and went to bed. 

I am taking a real, sit-down class at Evergreen now. It's been almost 2 years!! I am taking an After Nietzsche class. I feel a little behind, because most people in the class took Nietzsche last quarter, but I am enjoying the class regardless. It's a lot of reading (and thinking!), but I'll only have to write one midterm paper, which is nice. And we have 2 weeks to go on an adventure of our choice. Some people are going to Europe, some to Frisco, some to South America...I don't have money to go anywhere really and I need a job, so I am not going to ask for 2 weeks off from the beginning, but maybe I can figure out something...camping or a trip to Vancouver BC or something...I am also taking a 2 credit poetry class with Kate Crowe, who I love. 2 free credits! Hell yes! 

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Date:April 13th, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
Welcome back.

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