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So I moved to Tumwater randomly. Harold, Sage, Joplin, and Gracie,… - I Felt Like Destroying Something Beautiful

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November 13th, 2009

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02:03 pm
So I moved to Tumwater randomly.

Harold, Sage, Joplin, and Gracie, and I actually. I am super stoked on the situation here. We're living with another couple, Valena and Jason. Valena just turned 40 and owns the house. She used to work for the gov't, but quit her job and now works helping Alhtimzers patients and finds it much more fulfilling though it's a huge paycheck cut. Jason was a tattoo artist at one point. He's got a lot of tattoo magazines that are fun to check out. Valena has a kid, little Valena who lives here part time and is 7. She's super cute and it's nice having a child's energy around-she's super down to play games like Jenga :) Our other roommate is Adam. He works in Shelton at a Commuter Center for Troubled Youth. He's super chill. Has a tattoo of something from Zelda and wants some kind of Hacker tattoo. He's from Eastern Washington. Even though Tumwater is farther away, I actually get to work faster. Getting to Evergreen takes about an hour, but at least it's only a 7 minute walk to the busstop instead of a 15 minute walk (what is was when we were living on the West Side).

I am getting more hours at work at Oly Seafood-Friday and Saturdays as well as my already Thursdays and Sundays which is super nice and needed. I got a side gig of nude modeling for art classes at Evergreen at random times I am available and not on my period just to try and swim not sink...I seem to do more sinking in the financial dept lately-especially with moving costs like a U-Haul for 2 days, a deposit (since we haven't gotten our old one back yet) etc.

The room is still a mess! We have boxes everywhere and both Harold and I are taking 18 credits, I'm working, and our class requires a lot of in studio work on campus outside of class, so we've only been able to put so much time into actually moving into our room.

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